Evacuation Chairs

We’ve selected these chairs for their speed, easy deployment and ease of operation.

Fast, safe, efficient

Our Evacuation Chairs are invaluable for evacuating disabled or injured people down stairs in the case of an emergency.

We’ve selected these chairs for their quick, easy deployment and ease of use. Why risk anything other than proven quality for use in an emergency?

Baronmead have been supplying premium evacuation and stair climbing products since 1982. With our many years of experience, we believe we offer the best Evacuation Chairs on the market for ease of use, value and comfort, from the world’s finest manufacturers.

Product range

Below is a gallery of our current Evacuation Chair product range. Click on each one to view full details.

CD7 Evacuation Chair

The CD7 evacuation chair is second to none. With its unique speed governing braking system, this evacuation chair carries people up to 136Kg safely and securely.

Ev180 Evacuation chair

The EV180 Evacuation Chair is one of the most versatile Emergency evacuation chairs. Its ease of deployment and comfort make this an excellent choice for your evacuation needs.

Ego! Evacuation Chair

The Ego! evacuation chair is excellent value and easy to use. Comfortable and supportive, it has amazing stability when loading.