CD7 Evacuation Chair

The CD7 is a premium evacuation chair for evacuating disabled or injured people safely and securely in an emergency. Unrivalled for comfort of passenger and operation.

The advantages – at a glance

  • Quick and easy deployment for immediate use
  • Carry up to 136Kg
  • Integral transit wheels for easy transportation
  • Brake governing system allows for smooth operation with auto stop feature
  • Durable Tracks grip the stair regardless of material
  • Folds for easy storage (cabinets are available as optional extra)
  • Comfortable and supportive seat for easy transference
  • Sturdy high capacity frame for sustained use

What’s included

  • CD7 Emergency Evacuation Chair
  • Fitted dust cover
  • Manual
  • Wall Bracket
  • Onsite training (charged extra)
  • One year warranty

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