Access Ramps

A range of Premium Folding Suitcase Ramps

A proven and popular workhorse

The Aerolight®-Xtra folding access ramp is the perfect solution for creating a safe pathway across uneven surfaces, this includes steps, kerbs, or thresholds.

You can find these access ramps in public, domestic and commercial spaces and they can be used as a permanent or temporary mobility solution.

While the rugged build of these ramps assures years of continuous use, the surprisingly moderate weight and easy-to-use dynamics make handling and maintenance almost effortless.

Foldable for easy, compact storage

The folding feature underlines its dexterity—you can fold the access ramp and clip it together for easy, compact storage.

When folded, the ramp’s size reduces to nearly half its width. Each ramp has handles on the side. These are strategically located in the middle, making it easier to maintain balance when folding and carrying the ramp.

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Aerolight Xtra folding access ramp features contrasting coloured strips along the edges. This increases visibility to make users aware of its presence and avoid slips and trips.

The Aerolight folding ramp can bear loads between 250kgs – 450kgs and is available in seven different size configurations. Each ramp has the same width of 760mm, but the length varies from 60cm to 240cm.

We will aim to deliver your folding access ramp within 3 to 5 business days from the date of placing the order.

AEROLIGHT-Xtra Premium Folding Lightweight Portable Suitcase Ramps
AX6Aerolight-Xtra60cm£210 + VAT & Delivery
AX9Aerolight-Xtra90cm£270 + VAT & Delivery
AX12Aerolight-Xtra120cm£330 + VAT & Delivery
AX15Aerolight-Xtra150cm£390 + VAT & Delivery
AX18Aerolight-Xtra180cm£450 + VAT & Delivery
AX21Aerolight-Xtra210cm£510 + VAT & Delivery
AX24Aerolight-Xtra240cm£570 + VAT & Delivery

  • For all types of wheelchair, rollators and scooters (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 wheel types)
  • Easy to walk on full-width grip surface
  • Simply deploy either way around
  • Available with different methods of folding to suit your needs
  • Smart modern design
  • Special tapered lip shape fits into narrow doorways, with openings as narrow as 28.1″ (714mm) and facilitates entering the ramp from an angle
  • Unique reflective lip feature for increased safety in low light situations
  • Highest ever strength-to-weight ratio – up to 450kg capacity
  • Very light
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