Baronmead are the leading suppliers of specialist mobile stair climbing equipment, with an extensive range of stairclimbers to suit most staircase scenarios.

Safe, comfortable and easy to operate

Our battery powered stairclimbers are designed with safety & comfort in mind to carry disabled or injured people up and down stairs in a secure and dignified manner.

We have searched the globe to provide a Stairclimber solution that’s right for you.

Click the images below to view our range, or use our product finder to find your ideal solution.

Our Product Range

Below is a gallery of our current stairclimber product range. Click on each one to view full details.


The Baronmead Stairmatic stairclimber is the ideal solution for moving people with ease up or down staircases that are Straight, Steep, Narrow, Wide or even Curved. It has the flexibility to work inside or out making it a tough all round stair climber.

TO9 Wheelchair carrier

There is no need to transfer with the T09 wheelchair carrier. The ingenious clamping mechanism allows most self propelled wheelchairs to be carried without modification.

Stairmate Major

A unique mobile platform lift for electric wheelchairs where accessibility for stairs is a barrier. It can carry all types of wheelchair up to 200Kg. Ideal for public and historic buildings.

Scalamobil S35

Removes the need to transfer. Special clamp points allow the S35 wheelchair carrier to be securely attached and ready for stair climbing in minutes.

Scalacombi S36

Able to land on a step only 11cm deep with fold-up footrest, there’s little that the S36 Scalacombi mobile stairclimber can’t go around!