Care Home Group procure stairclimbers for lift alternative solution from Baronmead

A company that owns a group of care homes in Berkshire has recently purchased from Baronmead two Alber Scalamobil S35 wheelchair stairclimbers to assist residents in moving people up & down stairs when their passenger lifts are not working. They chose the Alber Scalamobil S35 from Baronmead because of the flexibility & ease of use, as it is fully mobile they can share the unit around the group of care homes when their lifts are not working allowing residents carry on as normal, in the past when they haven’t had the stair climbers residents can’t leave their rooms & can miss hospital appointments.

Baronmead have been supplying powered mobile stair climbers since the early 1980’s and are pleased to be working in partnership with this group of care homes.

Full details of the unit are on the following link including video, technical data & a stair suitability guide;