Why a stair climber in a care home can be a godsend!

Baronmead recently installed our Stairmatic stairclimber in a care home in the UK. 

As you would imagine, staying active is an important part of care home residents’ daily routine to keep fit and healthy.

The home found their lift was unreliable, with break downs and required regular engineer call-outs. It can take weeks for an engineer to diagnose the lift fault, let alone order the parts to fix the problem. This meant that the residents couldn’t readily attend meal times, access the garden, participate in activities, go on trips or attend their medical appointments.

A lift failure then became a burden to the home staff and residents. Simple tasks had become time consuming and potentially a health and safety risk.

So how do you freely move residents floor-to-floor so they can participate in the daily life of the care home?

This is where they contacted Baronmead and purchased the Baronmead Stairmatic stairclimber to move the residents in comfort from floor to floor as an alternative to the lift.

Baronmead work with care home providers throughout the UK to provide safe, efficient and dignified solutions for residents, for when lifts are out of service, in case of emergencies or simply to add to the care experience.