Servicing your mobile stairclimber or evacuation chair

Regular servicing can ensure the continued smooth operation of your equipment, defects are found and rectified before they become a problem!

We offer either six monthly or annual servicing on all our mobile stair climbers and evacuation chairs we supply.

We can also offer 1, 3 & 5 Year Service Contracts.
An investment in our regular 6 monthly or annual servicing, with our thorough inspection schedule, can help in the following ways:
  • Shows compliance with manufacturers service schedules
  • Highlights wear and damage
  • Maintains the smooth operation of you machine
  • Ensures that the product is “fit for purpose”
  • The service history that builds over time helps anticipate problems
  • Copies of our service schedule will be supplied for your Health and Safety records

Our comprehensive service schedules check all aspects of your machine. When your service has been completed our office will provide you with a report on the operation and condition of your equipment.

In the unlikely event we also offer an Emergency Breakdown Response to our customers.