Solutions for disabled access to overcome stairs and steps

Travelling in your own wheelchair with stairs and steps can be challenging.

Buildings with steps and stairs at the entrance area can deter wheelchair users from visiting.

Internally a building may have a lift but what happens when it stops working ?

With the help of a Baronmead stair climber  it is possible to transport a person in their own wheelchair easily and comfortably up and down stairs.

The added flexibility and design of our stairclimbers means it does not matter whether the stairs are inside or outside.

Battery powered stairclimbers are not reliant on an electrical supply to be used meaning they can work when the building is without power.


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Stairclimber benefits from Baronmead

Since 1982 Baronmead have been supplying easily transportable stairclimbers with some of our units able to carry various wheelchair types.

The Baronmead range of Stairclimbers Scalamobil, Scalacombi, Stairmatic can all be supplied as Paediatric versions as well as adult.


  • Quality of life and more mobility.   Stairclimbing allows you to overcome virtually all stair/step obstacles at home and out and about.
  • Care attendant operators needs little physical effort as these devices are powered and can be operated effortlessly and safely.
  • People with reduced mobility are transported safely and comfortably up and downstairs.
  • Baronmead & Alber stairclimbers are battery powered and can operate on stairs as well as wheeled on level ground.
  • Due to their compact dimensions and fold-able foot rests, they are easy to manoeuvre even on very narrow stair cases or winding stairs.
  • Scalambobil, Scalacombi, Stairmatic stairclimbers function on all kinds of floor coverings such as wood, stone, metal, carpet or most other flooring.
  • These stairclimbers are easily dismantled and transported in virtually any car – ready for use at your destination.
  • Ideal in respite circumstances.
  • Baronmead stairclimbers can help organisations avoid bed blocking and provide immediate care at home.
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Care Home Group procure stairclimbers for lift alternative solution from Baronmead

A company that owns a group of care homes in Berkshire has recently purchased from Baronmead two Alber Scalamobil S35 wheelchair stairclimbers to assist residents in moving people up & down stairs when their passenger lifts are not working. They chose the Alber Scalamobil S35 from Baronmead because of the flexibility & ease of use, as it is fully mobile they can share the unit around the group of care homes when their lifts are not working allowing residents carry on as normal, in the past when they haven’t had the stair climbers residents can’t leave their rooms & can miss hospital appointments.

Baronmead have been supplying powered mobile stair climbers since the early 1980’s and are pleased to be working in partnership with this group of care homes.

Full details of the unit are on the following link including video, technical data & a stair suitability guide;

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Grade II Listed Buildings – A Reason To Exclude Facilities For the Disabled ?

Having researched disabled facilities at restaurants and bars in London over the last two decades, I have often heard the following from restauranteurs: ‘We don’t have a ramp (and/or disabled toilet) as this is a Grade II Listed Building…’

The latest restaurant to say this to me was Sketch in Conduit St. W1. I wanted to take advantage of their offer to see the Hockney Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, followed by lunch in their Michelin starred Library & Lecture Room. However, there is a flight of stairs to negotiate before getting to the restaurant and no lift, but their staff were very willing to help and would carry me upstairs.

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Baronmead provides School with disabled access solution

Baronmead have recently provided a UK school with a T09 wheelchair stairclimber to overcome the many steps around the campus.

The T09 can now be moved to assist the disabled pupils with steps in various parts of the buildings. Once the unit has done its job it is stored away from the staircase allowing the staircase to be accessed by the many pupils without restrictions of a fitted access lift on the stairs. The T09 can lift people in their wheelchairs up to 130 kgs up and down steps and stairs.

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